Main Street Magazines provides niche markets with trendy and engaging digital magazines to increase exposure for local businesses. Each magazine leverages the latest in digital publishing while maximizing social media.

The versatility of a digital magazine

It’s no secret that engaging with your customers using a monthly magazine is an effective way to keep your business top of mind. Big corporations have been using this strategy for years.

Main Street Magazines duplicates this same strategy at a fraction of the cost using digital magazines.

A digital magazine is designed exclusively for viewing on a digital screen and because it’s digital, the magazine’s content includes audio, video, links to websites and viewer sharing. This interactive mix fits the mood of today’s mobile consumer.

A digital magazine does what technology is so good at: delivering a personal message to the specific audience you want to reach. Your ability to connect is everything.


The power of customer engagement

Your customers don’t want a ‘sales pitch’ …they want to connect. They want to know you appreciate their business. They want some of your attention. You can very easily provide that ‘light touch’ with a non-intrusive, branded digital magazine. They’ll reward you with their loyalty, repeat business … and their referrals.

Our branded magazines have no advertising competing for your reader’s attention. It’s all about you, your business and your message. It puts you totally in control.

Each branded magazine includes a full page donated to a local charity or community service identified by the participating business. The charity or community service benefits from the expanded distribution of the magazine to the customers of the participating business.

Giving back to the global community

Main Street Magazines is a Corporate Partner of the Roll-a-Hippo Foundation, a global initiative to empower women.

For many, clean water comes with the twist of a tap. But in rural Africa, access to water requires hours of walking, waiting in line and heavy lifting. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Hippo Water Roller Project is one of the few strategies that focuses specifically on reducing the social, economic and health consequences of carrying heavy loads of water over long distances. www.rollahippo.org

To read more on the Hippo Water Roller click here.